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Time-Savvy Ways to Make £100 Extra this Month

Sometimes life throws us a curve ball and we need to raise some extra funds quickly. Boiler repairs, car breakdowns and broken washing machines are all major culprits of this. Other times, we might just want to explore a way of increasing our monthly income so we can build savings, transition to a new career or treat ourselves.

Today I’m sharing a handful of ways you could bring in an extra £100 or more this month. I’ve included ideas that can hopefully be achievable to lots of us, but you might find one more realistic than another.

I’ve decided not to include low-value, high-time ventures here like surveys or mystery shopping. There are quicker and more time-savvy ways to make £100, so I’ve focused on those instead.

Here are the ideas – I hope you find something useful!

Sell things you no longer need

Think about all the things you have in your home. Do you have items, products or belongings you don’t use? If so, someone else may be able to make use of them. If they’re in good condition, it’s worth seeing if you can make money from selling them.

Look around your home and make a list of everything you think someone might buy. If you can gather everything together in one place this makes things easier. Once you have your list, research online to see what your used goods might sell for. You might find some aren’t worth your time or energy to photograph and list, but some might surprise you.

My favourite places to list things for sale are Gumtree and Facebook Marketplace. I try and avoid eBay because I’d rather sell from my doorstep than worry about packing items up and posting them. If you don’t mind that, eBay is another great option for you.

Write your listing and make sure you mention the condition of items, along with any useful information. If you’re willing to accept offers make this known in the listing. Share well-lit images of the item from different angles, so people can make a decision about whether it’s for them or not. You don’t need a fancy camera for this – your smart phone will do.

Hopefully this will create interest and people will reply to your listings to make enquiries or buy from you. This part of the process can take time and be frustrating, especially if you’re getting low offers or people don’t respect your time. Hopefully all goes well and you’re able to sell your items with minimal disruption.

If your items are mostly low value but you have a lot of them, or you don’t want to spend time negotiating, consider a yard or garage sale. Promote it to friends and family, your local Facebook page and put a sign outside your home. You can then spend a few hours selling from your home without communicating back and forth online.

Ask if you can sell for friends and family

While selling your belongings can bring in some extra cash, it can also take time and energy that some of us just don’t have. People are often willing to pay with money for something that saves them time, so see if close friends or family members need their garage or loft clearing out.

Make a deal and offer to help them sell their unwanted items, in exchange for taking a percentage of the sale or even a low cost flat fee. It can be tricky accepting money from friends and family for jobs like this, but as long as you’re both happy and get something out of the deal then it’s a great move for everyone.

Some people do offer this as a service to people outside their circle, but I’d recommend keeping this informal. You’re less likely to run into issues or disputes.

Buy and resell items online

With so many people decluttering and selling items they no longer need, online marketplaces are often full of bargains. This is great for if you want to furnish your home or buy something at a lower price, and it’s also great for resellers who can buy and sell for a higher price elsewhere.

Reselling, or retail arbitrage, can be a thrilling way to increase your income. If you’re savvy about what you buy, you could find something for say £10 and resell it to the right person for £50. It’s all about knowing what to buy, buying at the right price, and selling at the right time to the right people.

Before we jump into this any further, I do want to make it clear that while you can make money doing this you could also lose money. Always do your research before you buy to resell and don’t spend beyond your means. This could be a great way to increase your earnings from your previous extra income, but I don’t recommend it if you don’t have a small pool of funds to start from. For this reason, it’s best to attempt this if you’ve already earned some money from selling your belongings and want to make that go further.

This idea works best if you’re a collector or have an area of interest that you’re passionate about. You might regularly browse listings online and have a good idea of what’s worth buying and how much it can sell for. With this knowledge, you can buy items for less than they’re worth and resell to make a small profit.

To source items to sell, try looking on places like Gumtree and Facebook Marketplace. You can also try eBay, but keep postage costs in mind. Buy your items, then resell elsewhere. This might be on the same or another marketplace, or a specialist website for collectors.

You can try this method with digital products too. For example, I’ve recently bought a domain name that I’m going to resell in a few months’ time. I paid around £15 for it, but based on my experience of domain marketplaces and research I believe it could sell for £100+. I’ll list it as an auction with a minimum price I’m comfortable with. If it doesn’t sell, because it’s a domain I could always use it to create a money-making website.

This can be a really fun way to bring in extra income, especially if you focus on an area you’re interested in. Always focus on profitability though, and don’t be tempted to buy something if you’re not sure about it. It’s better to pass up an opportunity than potentially lose money on it because you weren’t sure about its profitability.

Offer your services as a virtual assistant

I’m a big fan of looking at your talents and skills and seeing where you can use these to earn an income. We all have experience and knowledge, and the digital world gives many of us an opportunity to offer or trade these for an hourly rate or project fee.

If you’re not sure where to start, why not try offering virtual assistant services? This is a kind of catch-all term for virtual support that can include anything from general administration to more specialised services like affordable graphic design or website support. This means it’s a great starting place if you’re not sure what you’d like to offer, or if you want to transition from a more traditional office-based career.

It can be tempting to jump in and start a fully-fledged freelance empire, but you don’t need to make any big decisions just yet. Start small and create a profile on a freelancing platform like PeoplePerHour. Here you can sign up, fill in your profile and start applying for projects or list your own offers quickly. You don’t need to worry about getting a logo or deciding on a business name – it’s just you, your skills and what you can offer.

One of the tough parts of this is standing out from others. This means you’ll want to write a great pitch and really highlight your experience and the benefits for the potential client of working with you. Alternatively, create a listing for an ‘hourlie’ where you can exchange an hour of your time for a set deliverable – in this case an hour of virtual assistant support.

With virtual assistants typically charging an average of £25 per hour, you could make £100 with only a few hours of work per month. To get started, you might need to look at a lower hourly rate but I wouldn’t recommend going lower than £10 per hour.

What’s great about this is that if you get lots of interest you can scale, and could quickly turn your mini side hustle into a thriving freelance business. You might also discover a deeper interest or specialism that could earn you a higher hourly rate.

Tip: If you’re creative, take a look at my guide on how to create printables to sell on Etsy. You won’t make £100 in your first month, but you could start small and build up your monthly earnings over time.

Write content for businesses or bloggers

If you have specialist skills, experience or an interest in writing online content you could use this to earn an extra income from home. There’s always a strong need for content from both businesses and bloggers, giving you a potentially steady stream of income if you’re good at what you do.

The most profitable way to earn money writing is to write for businesses or agencies. If you land the right gig, you could be looking at earning over £100 for a short blog post. These projects tend to offer multiple pieces per month too, so instead of looking at £100 extra per month it could be an extra £400 per month.

A great place to start is to use a website like PeoplePerHour to list your writing services. Here you won’t see the highest rates, but it goes give you easier access to a pool of potential clients than going out on your own and looking for work. I’ve worked with writers on platforms like this that charge between £10-£50 for a blog post.

While it often pays lower rates, writing content for bloggers can be an easier route into making money as a writer. There are specialist Facebook groups (like this one) set up to connect bloggers with content creators, including writers. Most of these creators are US-based, so rates are often in dollars. You can expect to sell posts to bloggers for around $17-25 for a 500 word piece. This means you’d need to write and sell around 5 articles per month to make £100.

Like with most skills, the more you write the better you become. As you become a better writer and more well-known for what you do, you can increase your rates and find yourself in higher demand. This can be a great route into a freelance writing career.

Tip: if you enjoy writing, starting your own blog can be a great way to earn an extra income. It’s definitely a slow burn though and you may not see a £100 month for several months. Still, if it’s something you’d enjoy now is a great time to start your blog so you can earn from it in the future.

Teach others a skill

We all have valuable skills and experience that can be transformed into a money-making opportunity. If you love working with people and want to share what you know, consider teaching or tutoring as a way to earn an extra £100 or more per month.

If you have experience and certification in a key skill area like music, language or education, tutoring could be a great move for you. This can easily be done online, using video calls and regular email or text communication so it’s great if you want to work from home. Tutors tend to charge upwards of £20 per hour, and you can command a higher rate if it’s a specialist area or you can achieve proven results.

You don’t need to have one of these popular skills though to teach others. Think about everything you know and what you’re passionate about. Maybe you could start an affordable after-school club that teaches kids how to code, or host a workshop that teaches people how to take the best photos with their smart phone. Get creative and explore your interests, then research online to see if it would be profitable for you.

It can be tricky to develop an idea, launch and make sales within a month but you could also look at creating an online course. This doesn’t have to be about a popular topic like blogging or business, you could create a course that helps people organise their home or take care of their vegetable garden. You could offer this at a low price, say £25, and you’d only need to make four sales per month to hit your target.

I’ve found that using my time to teach or support others feels really rewarding. It’s a great way to earn an extra income, as you’re both benefiting from the time and money invested.

Earning an extra £100 per month – FAQs

You might notice there are a few ideas missing that usually feature on lists like this. Or you might have questions about some of the ideas mentioned. Here are some FAQs that cover this!

Do I need to declare my extra income?

If your total self employed income for the tax year is below £1,000 you no longer need to tell HMRC about this. This is known as the tax-free allowance on self employed income. Of course, the goal is for your additional income to rise over time to hopefully take you beyond this figure. For that reason, keep track of your income and make sure you declare it when you meet that threshold.

What about mystery shopping and surveys?

While you can increase your income by taking part in online surveys and mystery shopping, I haven’t included ideas like this within this post – even though they’re popular. These are great ways to earn a few extra £s per month, but to earn £100 or more takes a big investment of your time. I want to help you find smart ways to make £100 per month to give you more time back, instead of spending hours per day looking for surveys.

What about cashback websites?

You can earn money through cashback websites, sometimes £100 or more per experience. The trouble is you often won’t see this money land in your pocket for several months, and in some cases you’ll need to raise a dispute or may not even see the cashback at all.

If you’re making a purchase it’s always a great idea to see if you can get cashback on it through a site like Quidco or Topcashback, but see this as a nice bonus rather than an income-generator.

What about matched betting?

A lot of people recommend matched betting as a way to earn extra money per month. It’s not a method I’ve tried personally, so not one I could recommend. It can be complex and there are opportunities for you to lose money if you make a ‘wrong’ move, so it’s not something I feel comfortable promoting to you. I like to keep things simple!

Maximise your time and earn in a time-savvy way

I hope this article has helped you find an idea that will help you earn an extra £100 this month, without taking hundreds of surveys. I’d love to know how you get on, so leave me a comment if you’re thinking of trying one of these or if you’ve had success in the past!

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